– High-Quality PDF Creation

The separately available CAD6PDF for CAD6studio and CAD6industrie enables you to create high-quality and extremely high-resolution PDF files from within CAD6.

When using CAD6PDF, all transparencies, layers and colors models (RGB/HSB, CMYK, gray, CIELab) are maintained. The output resolution is approximately 0,005 µm (0,000005 mm), which is more accurate by a factor of about 2000 compared to using a standard PDF printer driver.

You can download a PDF template here that has been created using CAD6PDF. The drawing template for this PDF file comes with all test versions of CAD6.

PDF-Testseite [PDF, 1 Seite, 1,3 MiB]

The most significant differences are in transparency and accuracy. The following examples show a section from a PDF file displayed with maximum zoom (6400%) on the screen:

Points, Diameter 5 µm


Hexagons, Circumcircle Diameter 5 µm

CAD6PDF Other PDF Creator CAD6PDF Other PDF Creator
Click for larger images (points 5/10/20 µm) Click for larger images (hexagon 5/10/20 µm)

Texts “Arial”, Font Size 5 µm



Other PDF Creator
Click for larger images (texts 5/10/20 µm)

Supports PDF/A-1a, PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, and PDF/X-4.

CAD6PDF is available as an buying option only for CAD6studio and CAD6industrie with valid Support & Updates. Includes 12 months of Support & Updates which can be renewed for another 12 months for 20% of the list price. Due to licensing terms, special conditions for additional licenses are not available. In CAD6starter, it can merely be tested and will then create PDF files with a watermark.

Attention! Unfortunately not usable on Windows Server operating systems due to licensing limitations!

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Site License (up to 100 concurrent users) 11 475.—  €  13 655.25 € 

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