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CAD6 Release 2022.1 is available now!

The most recent improvements and extensions:

New: Switch to Direct2D – After being unchanged for more than 30 years now, the screen display process has been converted completely from GDI / GDI+ to Direct2D, which means that all outputs are accelerated by the graphics card. This has several advantages:
 • The image build-up is faster for complex drawings, sometimes by a factor of up to 5.
 • The display quality for raster graphics and the edge smoothing of objects and texts are permanently available without any loss of speed.
 • The improved handling of transparent surfaces makes it possible to display objects in a slightly transparent manner while they are being moved and edited, which means that the background is still recognizable, and, more fluid than before.
 • The support of high screen resolutions is much more powerful and leads to better readable control elements and user feedback.
 • You can now explicitly choose how many smallest details are to be displayed on screen. In this way, the image build-up can be accelerated by an additional factor of up to 4 for extensive projects.
New: Improved Bitmap Handling – The handling of raster graphics has also been converted:
 • Raster graphics export as well as the generation of preview graphics for drawings and blocks now also use Direct2D, which makes them faster.
 • In addition, it is now possible to generate raster graphics with a transparent background (in BMP, PNG, and TIFF format).
 • You can now choose to only load raster graphics once they are displayed or output for the first time. This accelerates the opening of numerous and extensive raster graphics and reduces the memory requirement.
 • No more third-party programming libraries are used. In addition to a higher reliability and some speed increases, this also means that the size of the program has been reduced.
New: Faster Font Handling – The handling of kerning tables for TrueType and OpenType fonts has been optimized so that the display of long texts with high-quality fonts (which usually have large kerning tables) is significantly faster.
New: Improved Object Selection – Many identification commands also chose object types that the current command could not handle. On the one hand, this led to optical confusion, but could also lead to the fact that these unused object types were unnecessarily duplicated when the duplicate function was used.
New: More Information – The display of object properties at the crosshairs is now also available during standard point entry. A new option allows to display the scale and length unit of a dimension.

For a detailed list, please refer to the change log in the CAD6 Online Manual.

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