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CAD6 Release 2019
of January 15, 2019
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Download Current CAD6 for Testing or Updating

CAD6 Download CAD6 (64-bit) [MKCAD6English_64bit.exe, 81 MiB]

Download CAD6 (32-bit) [MKCAD6English_32bit.exe, 79 MiB]

Includes two editions that can be tested alternately:

Our best-seller with all functions for planning, construction, and visualization. Provides 3D spaces to create and edit 3D components, includes filters for DXF, DWG, HP-GL/2, STL, SVG (export only), SHP, DBF, WMF, EMF, and bitmaps (e.g. JPG and PNG).

Comprehensive and universal 2D/3D CAD/CAM solution for industrial use. In addition to all features of CAD6studio the program includes an exten­sive CAM part and a universal, script-based post-processor for flexible and efficient generation of CNC data.

Test CAD6 for 30 days for free: Simply download, install, and get to know professional technical drawing. You can also use this file for updating your current installation if your Support & Updates has not yet expired.

CAD6starter Download CAD6starter (64-bit) [MKCAD6StarterEnglish_64bit.exe, 31 MiB] 

Download CAD6starter (32-bit) [MKCAD6StarterEnglish_32bit.exe, 30 MiB] 

The free entry to the professional CAD6 series with basic drawing and lettering functions. It can open, edit, save, and print all drawings created with any of the CAD6 editions.

All programs of the CAD6 series are 100% data-compatible.
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