CAD6studio CAD6studio
Highly efficient 2D/3D CAD system with SMART2D for planning, construction, design, and visua­lization.
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CAD6industrie CAD6industrie
Extensive 2D/3D CAD/CAM solution for industrial use with a flexible, universal script-based post-processor.
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CAD6starter CAD6starter
Basic technical drawing in 2D – simple, fast, free, no regis­tration required, opens all CAD6 drawings.
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Only for a short term, we offer a 28% discount off all annual rental licenses for CAD6studio. One license only costs 595.- Euro (with 19% VAT, 500.- Euro net). Please state the coupon code MK2020595 with your order.

Reliable Data Exchange with CAD6studio

For data exchange with other CAD applications, CAD6studio uses the widely spread DWG and DXF file formats. Those import and export filters are constantly maintained, extremely reliable and up-to-date.

CAD6 Videos

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(German commentary).


“Dynamic Hatchings”

“Parametric Compounds”

SMART2D Technology

CAD6 is the 2D/3D drawing program for beginners and experts. Ideal for simple floor plans as well as complex designs and constructions in the same way.

SMART2D Technology

Custom Solutions

You’re looking for a solution especially for your application? You don't find an easy way to achieve something? Let’s find the ideal solution for you!

It’s Your Choice

Single license, additional licenses, site licenses – with or without Dongle, perpet­ual use or rented. We think you should decide for yourself what’s best for you.

Live Support

Experience how pleasant good support is! Technical support directly from the producer using TeamViewer.

Test for yourself or let us demonstrate

Download and install the free 30 days trial version in order take your time testing it for yourself. Or call us and let us show you via TeamViewer what makes CAD6 so special.

CAD6 in Action:

Automated Guided Vehicles Custom Track-Planning Simulation of Vehicle Movement

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