CAD6 in a Network

We do not offer special network licenses for CAD6. Any license can be used on any type of computer, whether stand-alone or in a networking environment. For floating licenses, you only have to purchase the optional CAD6dongle.


Using the optional CAD6dongle, a CAD6 license can be installed on multiple computers but only be used on the one computer where the dongle is attached to. Thus you can, for example, successively use one CAD6 license at your office, on the notebook, and at home.

You can purchase at most one CAD6dongle per CAD6 license (unlimited number for site licenses) and only while Support & Updates has not yet expired.

Free Dongle Server Software

The CAD6 Dongle Server is available for free for users of multiple licenses with a CAD6dongle. It allows to dynamically distribute the existing licenses within a local network at one location. A single CAD6dongle can also contain multiple licenses if these are managed by a dongle server.
An information PDF on the free Malz++Kassner Dongle Server software is available for download here.

For detailed information and prices, please refer to our Product Information with Prices in Euro [PDF, 8 MiB]
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