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CAD6 Unlock Program

Unlock Program (64-bit) [MKUnlock_64bit.exe, 200 KiB]

Unlock Program (32-bit) [MKUnlock_32bit.exe, 200 KiB]

Universal unlock program for all Malz++Kassner products. You will require this program to register the unlock code you received from us as a text file with your computer.

CAD6 Dongle Software

Dongle Information [PDF, 1 page]

Information on how to install the USB dongle and the optional dongle-server software for CAD6.

Dongle Server Software (64-bit) [ZIP, 560 KiB]

Dongle Server Software (32-bit) [ZIP, 540 KiB]

Dongle Server Software for CAD6 (dialog-based and service-based edition) with installation guide.
USB Drivers [ZIP, 62 KiB]

64-bit and 32-bit Drivers for the CAD6dongle for the USB interface in Windows.
CAD6interface (64-bit) [ZIP, 3 MiB]

CAD6interface (32-bit) [ZIP, 3 MiB]

Comprehensive interface specification with sample source code. This specification may be used without any royalties. The document specifies the open file format for CAD6 drawings (MKD) and libraries (MKL) as well as the open programming interface for CAD6 plug-ins.

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