With mappings, parts of the drawing can be dynamically mapped to pages. Changes in the original immediately affect all mappings. Thus one single model can be used at the same time as an overview drawing and in several details.

Each mapping can display a different section of the original model defined by any kind of Surface, use a different scale, and either hide or colorize specific layers. By using mappings, it is possible to draw a model completely in a scale of 1:1 and then place parts of that model using different scales onto one or multiple pages.
This allows you to ignore the final output format while designing, keeping your head free for more important things. Furthermore, the overview is improved by placing specific dimensionings and letterings only in the respective partial views.

The model remains one whole and can be modified at any time.

Unlike Clippings, mappings are dynamic, i.e. any change to the source data will immediately become visible in all mappings. By means of a special ribbon at the bottom of the drawing area, you can easily switch between the Model Space and all Pages.

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