– CAM Part

The CAM part supports the following machining procedures: milling, turning, water jet cutting, laser cutting, cutting, plotting, and positioning. It offers a variety of functions to create drawings which are to be exported to a CNC machine.

Commands like milling cutter compensation, insert rib, milling order control, milling time calculation and a graphical 3D preview let you create drawings that are directly milled later. Extensive tool and machine settings, plus output of custom commands using blocks with a script language, give you the complete control over what the post-processors finally output to the machine.


The universal post-processor creates the actual milling data by using the geometric data and the associated machine information of the drawing. This data is transferred directly to the control program of a machine. Due to the fact that there are machine specific differences when interpreting the milling data, the post-processor is equipped with adjustable options and configurable by scripts for individual use.

The following post-processors are currently available:
  • Universal DIN-ISO
  • Siemens DIN-ISO (Milling) and (Turning) with SINUMERIK 8XX controller
  • Heidenhain DIN-ISO (Milling) and (Turning) with TNC 4XX controller
  • Heidenhain Klartext (Milling) with TNC 4XX controller
  • DATRON milling machine CAT3D
  • isel NCP
  • Zünd cutter (with material feed)
  • HP-GL
  • Minimal HP-GL (using PU and PD only)

You can find further information in our CAM Introduction for CAD6.
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