Service-Based Application (MKDongleService.exe)

The service-based CAD6 Dongle Server software MKDongleService.exe should be used if the dongles shall be connected to a server-type PC to which usually no user is logged in. Its installation and configuration is more complicated than that of the stand-alone Dongle Server MKDongle.exe, but better suited for unattended, long-term use in larger companies. All settings will be stored in the registry database under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, i.e. it will be user-independent!


MKDongleService.exe can be installed on any computer that has a TCP/IP connection via the local network to all participating computers, and that is running at least Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2.




If you're using a physical CAD6dongle, the dongle containing your latest license information must be connected to the computer first, see Installing a Physical Dongle.


Now, the server-based Dongle Server software MKDongleService.exe must be copied to computer. We recommend copying to the computer's Windows directory. After copying, open a command prompt, navigate to the location of the copied executable and enter the following command to install the service:


mkdongleservice install


This will add a service named "Malz++Kassner CAD6 Dongle Server" to the list of services in "automatic start" mode and will usually start this service right away. If the service does not start automatically, you can start it manually be entering the following command:


mkdongleservice start


If you need to change the configuration of the Dongle Server service or want to register a virtual CAD6dongle, please use the Configuration Tool.


Important note: You will have to add the service-based Dongle Server executable to the Windows firewall's exception list manually once you have installed and started it, since services do not cause the firewall to display a warning when they are blocked.




To uninstall the Dongle Server service, it must be first stopped. To do so, open a command prompt, navigate to the location of the executable, and enter the following command to stop the service:


mkdongleservice stop


Afterwards, you can uninstall the service by entering:


mkdongleservice uninstall


This will remove the "Malz++Kassner CAD6 Dongle Server" service from the list of services. The executable file can now be deleted.




If you have problems getting the Dongle Server to work, please check the logfile for messages that might help.


If the Dongle Server displays "Unable to bind TCP/IP", it is most likely that you either mistyped the IPv4 address of the dongle server, or that the port is already in use by another application. In this case check the IP address again and try another port number (12346, 12347, etc.) until the connection is established.


CAD6 Dongle Server Release 2023.2 - Copyright 2023 Malz++Kassner GmbH