Configuration Tool (MKDongleConfig.exe)

You can use the MKDongleConfig.exe program to display the "Options" dialog and modify the configuration of the Service-Based Application MKDongleService.exe. Simply start it by double-clicking.


This will modify settings stored in the registry database under HKEY_CURRENT_USER, i.e. the settings of the service-based Dongle Server only. It will not effect settings of the Stand-Alone Application MKDongle.exe


If you wish to use a virtual CAD6dongle, you must request it from us after you've installed the Dongle Server. Press the "Display Server ID" button and send us the displayed Server ID via e-mail. Once you received the virtual dongle registration code from us, press the "Register Virtual Dongle" button and enter the registration code there.


The new settings will not be become active until the service-based Dongle Server was restarted by manually stopping and restarting it. To do so, open a command prompt, navigate to the location of the executable and enter the following commands to restart the service:


mkdongleservice stop


mkdongleservice start


CAD6 Dongle Server Release 2024.1 - Copyright 2024 Malz++Kassner GmbH