Installing a Physical Dongle

Important note: Before connecting the physical CAD6dongle, you must first unlock CAD6. This means copying the license information your received from us onto your computer. Once you downloaded and installed the software, you must start the unlock program afterwards and enter there the license information you received via e-mail.


Simply plug the CAD6dongle into a USB port and it will be automatically detected by the operating system. After connecting the CAD6dongle, start CAD6 which will be activated by means of the CAD6dongle.


If you activate CAD6 using a physical CAD6dongle, you may install CAD6 on multiple computers (at the office, at home, on a notebook) and use it at any one time on that computer to which the CAD6dongle is connected.


Using the “Help > Activation / Dongle” command in CAD6, you can check if a CAD6dongle was detected. If so, its serial number will be displayed.


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