Introduction (API)



The Malz++Kassner CAD6interface is a powerful application programming interface (API) that enables everyone to integrate custom plug-ins into CAD6studio, CAD6industrie, and CAD6starter. It also features the open CAD6 file format (MKD) for drawing files, libraries, fonts, and collections. Both may be used for free without paying any royalties.


The documentation of the open CAD6interface and of the file format is supplied "as is", and is only available in electronic form and only in English. Developer support, however, is available in German as well as in English (see Getting Your Private Owner ID). If you require technical support or have any questions please send an e-mail to We appreciate any feedback on errors or missing information in this documentation!



Plug-Ins and Filters

Plug-ins can either be import filters, export filters, or command extensions of any kind. The interface was designed to make it as easy as possible to create plug-ins that fit perfectly into the application's environment. Usually, the user won't realize any substantial difference between using an internal command provided by the application or using an external command provided by a plug-in or filter. If you want to create your own, custom plug-in, you'll need to code it in C++ or a compatible language. We do not support any other programming languages. For information, see How to Create a Plug-In.



File Format

The open CAD6 file format is text-based and has been developed specifically to store drawing files, libraries, fonts and collections created by Malz++Kassner CAD6 in a way that it easy to read and write. For information, see MKD File Format.



Syntax Highlighting

When referencing data types, variables, or constants in this document, they will be highlighted. Data types will appear in RED and partly in capitals; variables in violet and italics; constants in ORANGE and capitals.


Sections containing C++ source code (where the CAD6interface is concerned) or file contents (where the file format is concerned) will appear in black on mud, using the font Lucida Console. Variables in file contents will be underlined. Comments will appear in light gray, using the font Lucida Console.



On our website, you can find the latest application versions and upgrades, additional documentation, utilities, and current information on our products. For further information on general application-related terms, please refer to the CAD6 Online Manual.



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All graphics and tables used in this reference were generated with CAD6 and exported as PNG file. Markings are output as crosses, in order to generate the point markings quickly and easily.


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