Introductory Offer for CAD6team 10 and CAD6team 25 – Save 30%!

Malz++Kassner CAD6team 10 and CAD6team 25 are the perfect 2D/3D CAD solution for teams and whole companies. Install CAD6studio or CAD6industrie on all your workplaces for a very attractive flat rental fee. Up to 10 or 25 users belonging to your company may use the respective edition of CAD6 concurrently. All that without annoying activation or dongle.

The new features Collection and Notebook make it possible to exchange all kinds of design elements such as colors, layers, texts, fonts, settings, and the like, as well as notes among the whole team within the network. Together with Libraries and References, even huge projects can be cleanly structured and distributed over multiple editors.

If you start now with CAD6team using annual payment, we grant you a one-time discount of 30% off the first year. As a result, you only pay:

  Included edition Concurrent users w/o VAT with 19% VAT
CAD6team 10 CAD6studio 10 2 275.00 € 2 707.25 €
CAD6team 25 CAD6industrie 25 4 515.00 € 5 372.85 €

for the first year – for up to 10 or 25 concurrent users including Support & Updates! No further license fees apply. As a result, the effective monthly costs per user start at less than 18.- €.

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To get this discount, please state the coupon code “MKTEAM1025” with your order. At our online shop, use the “Redeem Coupon Code” option:

This coupon is only valid for new CAD6team rental licenses with annual payment and only for a short period. Not applicable to educational licenses, buying licenses, or renewal of Support & Updates. Upon request, we’ll gladly send you a PDF quotation via e-mail to order on account. If you have questions concerning this offer or CAD6, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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