Starting with Release 2022.1, only 64-bit versions of CAD6 are available. For a short period, 32-bit versions of CAD6industrie and CAD6studio are available upon request if using a 64-bit version is impossible in your environment. Please migrate to 64-bit versions as soon as possible!



This manual describes all elements and commands of CAD6studio. The additional CAM Part of CAD6industrie is described in the CAD6 Online CAM Manual. All further plug-ins (see also Import and Export Filters) are described in separate manuals which are not available online.


You can call the manual from within Malz++Kassner CAD6 by choosing the Help > CAD6 Manual command. In addition, you can press the F1 Key at any time in Malz++Kassner CAD6. This displays the topic corresponding to the current command or dialog. This ensures that you get the required information quickly and easily, without time consuming page turning and searching indexes and tables of contents - just a simple keypress!



Terms and Conventions

The following terms and conventions are used throughout this documentation:


The word click by itself means click the left mouse button once (also called left-click). Otherwise we say right-click, or double-click.


This means the Shift key.


This means press KEY1 and KEY2 at the same time. For example, ALT+TAB means hold down the ALT key while you press the TAB key.


User input, e.g. text in edit controls.


Strengthening of single words or phrases.


A file name.


When referring to elements in dialog boxes the element names are displayed in quotation marks (e.g. "Options" button).

File > Open Drawing

Underlined, colored text marks a jump to another topic. By left-clicking the underlined text, the corresponding topic is displayed.




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All graphics and tables used in this document were generated with Malz++Kassner CAD6 and exported as PNG file. Markings are output as crosses, in order to generate the point markings quickly and easily.


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