Download Open CAD6 Interface

CAD6 Viewer

Free CAD6 Viewer

CAD6 Viewer (64-bit) [MKCAD6ViewEnglish_64bit.exe, 27 MiB]
CAD6 Viewer (32-bit) [MKCAD6ViewEnglish_32bit.exe, 26 MiB]

Using the free CAD6 Viewer, everybody can open, view, print, and add comments to your original CAD6 drawings.

Interface Specification and Sample Code

Open CAD6 Interface (64-bit) [ZIP, 3 MiB]
Open CAD6 Interface (32-bit) [ZIP, 3 MiB]

Comprehensive Open CAD6 Interface specification with sample source code. This specification may be used without any royalties. This document specifies the open file format for CAD6 drawings (MKD) and libraries (MKL) as well as the open programming interface for CAD6 plug-ins.

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